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Administrative Faculty Appointment & Areas of Expertise
Dr. Sylvia M. Blankenship CALS Associate Dean for Administration; Professor; Postharvest physiology
Dr. Wayne G. Buhler Professor; Assistant Department Head; Extension Specialist; Pesticide Safety Education Program Coordinator; Director of the Southern Region Pesticide Safety Education Center
Dr. John M. Dole Professor; Department Head; Floricultural crops research
Dr. Julia L. Kornegay Professor; Director of Graduate Programs; Breeding and selection of annual and herbaceous perennials
Dr. Helen T. Kraus Undergraduate Coordinator and Assistant Professor; Ornamentals research; Teaching: Nursery Management and Production, Plant Nutrition and Principles of Horticulture
Dr. Tom Monaco Coordinator of Commodity Relations and Emeritus Professor; Coordinator, Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium
Dr. David W. Monks Professor; Assistant Director of Research; NCARS Weed management in vegetable and small fruit crops
Dr. Jonathan R. Schultheis Professor; Departmental Extension Leader; Vegetable crops
Dr. William R. Woodson North Carolina State University Chancellor
Dr. Eric Young Executive Director SAAESD; Professor; Apple Production, Apple Rootstocks
Horticultural Science Faculty
Dr. George C. Allen Assistant Professor; Director Plant Transformation Laboratory; Plant molecular biology applied and basic research
Dr. Hamid Ashrafi Research Associate Professor; Blueberry Breeding and Genetics. Applied research program focuses on molecular breeding through marker assisted selection, genetic mapping, QTL analysis, bioinformatics and statistical genomics.
Mr. Roger B. Batts Researcher; Field Research Director at the NC State IR-4 Field Research Center
Dr. Lucy K. Bradley Associate Professor; Urban horticulture
Dr. Allan F. Brown Assistant Professor; Molecular research for fruit and vegetable crops
Dr. James D. Burton Associate Professor; Herbicide and growth regulator research
Mr. José Cisneros CALS Global Programs Liaison; Teaching: Horticulture Entrepreneurship
Mr. Mark E. Clough Researcher; Potato breeding and genetics
Dr. Steve D. Clouse Professor; Plant molecular biology and biochemistry for horticultural crops
Dr. Nancy G. Creamer

Professor; Director of Center for Environmental Farming Systems; Vegetable crops

Dr. Jeanine M. Davis Associate Professor & Extension Specialist; Organic agriculture in western North Carolina, culinary and medicinal herbs, non-timber forest products, mushrooms, and specialty crops
Ms. Nancy S. Doubrava Interpretive Specialist; JC Raulston Arboretum
Ms. Liz A. Driscoll Extension Associate; Extension youth programs
Dr. Barbara A. Fair Assistant Professor; Landscape Extension Specialist
Dr. Gina E. Fernandez Professor; Small Fruit Extension Specialist; Rubus breeding program
Dr. William C. Fonteno Professor; Floriculture, Soil and Water Relations, Soil Substrate Laboratory
Ms. Lisa M. Forehand Extension Associate; Extension/Outreach Coordinator for Center for Environmental Farming Systems
Dr. Christopher C. Gunter Assistant Professor; Vegetable Production Specialist for the commercial vegetable industry
Mr. Lee Ivy Lecturer; Teaching responsibilities include Tree and Grounds Maintenance, Ornamental Plants
Dr. Brian E. Jackson Assistant Professor; Ornamental Horticulture
Dr. Katie M. Jennings Research Assistant Professor; Weed management in small fruits and vegetables
Dr. Sergei F. Krasnyanski. Senior Researcher; Plant Transformation Laboratory
Mr. Bryce Lane Interim Director of the JC Raulston Arboretum; Lecturer; Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor
Dr. Anthony V. LeBude Associate Professor; Production, culture and use of ornamental nursery crops
Ms. Lis Meyer Lecturer, Teaching responsibilities include World of Horticulture, Home Plant Propagation, Home Landscape Maintenance, and Plant Propagation.
Mr. Wayne E. Mitchem Researcher and Extension Associate; Weed management in tree fruit and vine crops
Dr. Joseph C. Neal Professor; Research and extension education for weed management systems in nursery crops, landscapes and Christmas trees
Dr. Dilip R. Panthee Assistant Professor; Breeding and development of tomato lines and cultivars
Dr. Michael L. Parker Associate Professor; Extension and research responsibilities for tree fruit
Mr. Kenneth V. Pecota Researcher; Research responsibilities in sweetpotato breeding and genetics.
Dr. Penelope M. Perkins-Veazie Professor; Postharvest Physiology / Fruit and vegetable crops
Dr. Thomas G. Ranney Professor; Woody ornamentals - genetics and breeding
Ms. Maggie Schaber Researcher; Research responsibilities in blueberry breeding.
Ms. Julieta T. Sherk Assistant Professor; Landscape horticulture
Ms. Anne M. Spafford Associate Professor; Landscape design; Certified rain garden professional; Adjunct Faculty Member, Department of Landscape Architecture
Dr. Sara E. Spayd Professor; Bunch grape and wine industry
Mr. Allan C. Thornton Extension Associate; Vegetable education programs
Mr. Mark Weathington Director; JC Raulston Arboretum
Dr. Todd C. Wehner Professor; Cucurbit breeding and genetics
Dr. Dennis J. Werner JC Raulston Distinguished Professor; Ornamental breeding and genetics
Dr. Brian E. Whipker Professor; Culture and economics of floricultural crops
Dr. John D. Williamson Associate Professor; Molecular biology
Dr. L. George Wilson Professor; Postharvest physiology; USAID Horticulture Collaborative Research Support Program
Dr. G. Craig Yencho Professor; Sweetpotato and potato breeding and genetics

Adjunct Faculty - Alphabetic listing

  • Gusmini, G.
  • Niedziela, C.E.
  • Sawyer, R.L.
  • Walls, F.R.
  • Wise, F.C.
  • Zorner, P.S.

Associate Faculty - Alphabetic listing