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Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance

  • AG-467 Composting - A Guide to Managing Organic Yard Wastes
  • AG-508 Landscaping for Water Quality Series

Horticulture Information Leaflets

HIL # (PDF) Title
HIL-551 Bed Preparation and Fertilization Recommendations for Bedding Plants in the Landscape
HIL-555551 Bedding Plants
Installation and Maintenance of Landscape Bedding Plants
HIL-555561 Under-Utilized Bedding Plants for the North Carolina Landscape
HIL-555751 Deer Problems in the Landscape
HIL-551644 Flower Beds :
Weed Management In Annual Color Beds HTML
HIL-556481 Postemeregence, Non-Selective Herbicides for Landscapes and Nurseries
HIL-551647 Controlling Sedges In Landscape Plantings
HIL-555521 Selection and use of Stress-Tolerant Plants for the Landscape
HIL-646 Qualifiers for Quagmires: Landscape Plants for Wet Sites
HIL-564551 Weed Management for Wildflowers
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