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  • AG-700-01 Weed Management: Broccoli, Cabbage, and Cauliflower
  • AG-700-02 Weed Management: Collards, Kale, Mustad and Turnip Greens
  • AG-700-03 Weed Management: Lettuce
  • AG-700-04 Weed Management: Okra
  • AG-700-05 Weed Management: Onion

Horticulture Information Leaflets
Vegetable (HTML version) PDF
Asparagus (PDF)Asparagus
Bean Sprouts (PDF)Bean Sprouts
Beets (PDF)Beets
Broccoli Raab (PDF)Broccoli Raab
Cabbage Production (PDF)Cabbage Production
Celery In Eastern NC (PDF)Celery In Eastern NC
CollardsCollards (PDF)Collards
Suggested Commercial Vegetable varieties  
Container Vegetable (PDF)Container Vegetable
Eggplant (PDF)Eggplant
Fall Garden (PDF)Fall Garden
Greens (PDF)Greens
Herb Garden,Winterizing (PDF)Winterizing Herb Gardens
Herbs (PDF)Herbs
Herbs, Harvesting and Preserving (PDF)Harvesting and Preserving Herbs
Lettuce (PDF)Lettuce
Mini-Gardening (PDF)Mini-Gardening
Okra (PDF)Okra
Onions (PDF)Onions
Onions, Green Bunch (PDF)Green Bunch Onions
Organic Sweet Corn Production  
Peas (PDF)Peas
Pepper Production (PDF)Pepper Production
Plastic Mulches and Drip Irrigation (PDF)Plastic Mulches and Drip Irrigation
Pole Bean Production  
Precision Seeding  
Spinach (PDF)Spinach
Southern Peas  
Summer Clover  
Tomatoes (PDF)Tomatoes
Tomatoes, Blossom-End Rot (PDF)Blossom-End Rot Tomatoes
Tomatoes, Pruning and Supporting (PDF)Pruning and Supporting Tomatoes
Trellised Cucumbers (PDF)Trellised Cucumbers
Turnips And Rutabagas (PDF)Turnips And Rutabagas
Upland Cress (PDF)Upland Cress
Vegetable Crop Irrigation  
Vegetables, Harvesting (PDF)Vegetables, Harvesting
Vegetable Transplants (PDF)Vegetable Transplants
Weed Control (PDF)
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