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Specialty Crop Production

AG Publications:

  • Cucumbers. Commercial Production of Pickling & Slicing Cucumbers in North Carolina AG-552
  • Ginseng: A Production Guide for North Carolina AG-323
  • Shiitake. Producing Shiitake Mushrooms AG-478

Horticulture Information Leaflets:

Cover Crops

  • Summer Cover Crops HIL-37
  • Biomass Production of Biofumigant Cover Crops
    – ‘Caliente’ Mustard and Oilseed Radish AG-782

Culinary and Craft

  • Luffa. Commercial Luffa Sponge Gourd Production HIL-120

Food Systems

  • Community Supported Agriculture In North Carolina HIL-38
  • Specialty Crops in North Carolina: acreage and distribution tb-327 


  • Basil HIL-125
  • Caraway HIL-128
  • Chives HIL-124
  • Herbs Seed and Plant Sources for Medicinal Herbs and Botanicals HIL-129
  • Herbs Suppliers of Culinary and Ornamental Herb Seeds and/or Plants HIL-130


  • Black Cohosh HIL-135
  • Bloodroot HIL-134
  • Ginseng Care and Planting of Ginseng Seed and Roots HIL-127
  • Ginseng Disease Control - Phytophthora and Alternaria HIL-132
  • Goldenseal Commercial Goldenseal Cultivation HIL-131
  • Goldenseal Sources of Goldenseal Seeds, Plants or Roots HIL-123


  • Shiitake-Sources of Shiitake Spawn HIL-122


  • Asparagus HIL-2A
  • Asparagus. Commercial Asparagus Production-Asparagus Crown Production HIL-2C
  • Bean. Pole Bean Production HIL-3A
  • Beet Production HIL-4
  • Broccoli Production HIL-5
  • Broccoli Production Guide for Western North Carolina HIL-5B
  • Broccoli Raab HIL-5A
  • Brussels Sprouts HIL-6
  • Cabbage Production HIL-7
  • Cantaloupes (Muskmelons) HIL-8
  • Carrot. Commercial Carrot Production HIL-9
  • Cauliflower HIL-10
  • Celery. Commercial Celery Production in Eastern North Carolina HIL-27
  • Collards HIL-12
  • Corn. Sweet Corn Production HIL-13
  • Corn. Organic Sweet Corn Production HIL-50
  • Cress. Upland Cress HIL-16A
  • Cucumber. Fresh Market Production Cucumbers HIL-14
  • Cucumber. Trellised Cucumbers HIL-14B
  • Eggplant HIL-15
  • Gourds. Growing Gourds HIL-29
  • Greens for Market HIL-16
  • Jerusalem Artichokes HIL-1A
  • Lettuce in North Carolina HIL-11
  • Onion. Green Bunch Onions HIL-18
  • Onion. Bulb Onion Production in Eastern North Carolina HIL-18A
  • Okra Production HIL-19
  • Southern Peas HIL-20
  • Pepper Production (Bell, Small Fruit and Pimento) HIL-21
  • Potato. Commercial Potato Production in Eastern North Carolina HIL-22
  • Pumpkins and Winter Squash HIL-24
  • Radish HIL-25
  • Ramps: Cultivation Of Ramps (Allium tricoccumandA. burdickii) HIL-133
  • Rutabagas and Turnips HIL-26
  • Spinach HIL-17
  • Squash. Summer Squash Production HIL-24A
  • Squash. Storing Winter Squash and Pumpkins HIL-24C
  • Sweetpotato. Guidelines for Sweetpotato Seed Stock and Transplant Production HIL-23C
  • Sweetpotato. Presprouting Sweetpotatoes HIL-23
  • Sweetpotato. What is the Difference Between a Sweetpotato and a Yam? HIL-23A
  • Tomato. Fresh Market Tomato Production Piedmont & Coastal Plain of North Carolina HIL-28A
  • Tomato. Blossom-End Rot of Tomatoes HIL-28D
  • Tomato. Pruning and Supporting Tomatoes HIL-28G
  • Turnips and Rutabagas HIL-26

Vegetables: Cultivar Selection

  • Commercial Vegetable Varieties HIL-00
  • Greenhouse Vegetable Production Reference List HIL-32A
  • Precision Seeding for Vegetable Crops HIL-36

Vegetables: Irrigation

  • Drip or Trickle Irrigation Systems: An Outline of Components HIL-33A
  • Drip or Trickle Irrigation Systems: An Operations and Troubleshooting Checklist HIL-33B
  • Using Plastic Mulches and Drip Irrigation for Vegetable Production HIL-33
  • Vegetable Crop Irrigation HIL-33E
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