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Fruit Crop Production

  • AG-29  Training and Pruining Fruit Trees
  • AG-30 Growing Peaches in North Carolina
  • AG-81 Growing Pecans in North Carolina
  • AG-698w Propagating Muscadine Grape
  • AG-776 A Step-by-Step Approach to Pruning Carlos Muscadine Grapevines
  • AGW-702-W-11 Blackberries for the Home Garden
  • 4H-527 Teach From the Garden: Strawberries

Fruit Crop Production Information Leaflets
Fruit Leaflets File Type
Apple (PDF)
Blooming and Ripening Timing of Apple Varieties (HTML)Blooming and Ripening Timing of Apple Varieties
Bramble Production Guide (PDF)Bramble Production Guide
Blackberries, Thornless (PDF)Blackberries, Thornless
Blueberries (PDF)Blueberries
Grapes, Bunch (PDF)Grapes, Bunch
Grapes, Muscadine (PDF)Grapes, Muscadine
High-Density Apple Orchard
Management Techniques
Nursery List Of Small Fruit (PDF)Nursery List Of Small Fruit
Orchard-Floor Management in Pecans (HTML)Orchard-Floor Management in Pecans
Raspberries (PDF)Raspberries
Strawberries (PDF)Strawberries
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